Cannabis usage has grown immensely, and while it’s been used less for teens and more than adults. It’s a billion dollar industry, and it’s considered one of the most versatile kinds of medications out there, and it can help with everything from anxiety to chronic pain and even epilepsy.  But not all cannabis is the same. Different strains will affect you in different ways, and that’s why, with this we’ll give you a handy guide to understand marijuana strains and what they’re used for. 

What’s a strain

This is essentially a category of each different kind of marijuana product that’s out there. In general, you have three different kinds.   First, you have indica, which is one that’s good for relaxing the body. This originates from India, and it’s one that is used to calm down. Then there is sativa, which is a more energizing type of strain. And finally, you’ve got the hybrid ones gelato strain which is what the name entails, a mixture or combination of both of them. . Usually, all strains fall into these categories, with each product tested through labs, and of course, the makeup of this will tell people what’s in it.  These are catchall terms, but not always consistent. Some indica strains may make people wide awake, and not put on the couch. So if you get a strain and it acts a wee bit different from what you’ve expected, that may be why. There are different types of breeds of cannabis, but for the most part, they’re all pretty much open in the same. But understand that the strain names may also be due to different seeds as well. For the most part the strain names are more of a branding and marketing ploy rather than actually changing the composition of the type of different types of strains that are out there. 

How do You Choose a Strain

You choose it based on the effects that you want.  You should look into what it’ll do for you, and possibly any side effects which may happen. Dry mouth and eyes, or dizziness are usually the most common side effects. Sometimes, it can interact with different meds, so be careful with that. You also shouldn’t ever operate a piece of equipment while using this type of product. You should always check with your doctor too before you try to use anything medical with this. 

Types of Strains

There are a few types of strains that are quite popular amongst cannabis users. 

One of them is called Acapulco gold, which ordinates from the area in Mexico. It’s a very praiseworthy form of cannabis, known for being incredibly energizing, almost euphoric in its effects. It does reduce stress, fatigue, and also can help with pain and nausea too.  For those looking for something that’ll soothe you, then try Blue Dream. This is one that soothes and relaxes but doesn’t totally sedate you. It’s good for pain, inflammation, cramps, or when you can’t go to sleep at the moment, helping with your mood and giving you a euphoric feeling.  Finally, we’ve got purple Kush, which is another ne that offers a blissful state where you’re happy and relaxed, but also sleepy too. It’s good for muscle spasms, and it can reduce the effects of insomnia too in a lot of cases with people.  Understand that there are a ton of different marijuana strains, but most of them fall into one of these three main categories. Some of them are a bit stronger than others but talk to a budtender to find out more information about the strains.

Can Cannabis Help with those body Damaging Behaviors

About 5% of people in America suffer from body focused repetitive behavior, which include nail biting, picking the skin, or even pulling your hair. Sometimes, this comes from needing self soothe, and those who deal with this may not even be aware. Sometimes, they don’t want to damage and hurt their bodies, which is why they continue to touch it, and then they damage it further. This can lead to sores, scarring, bald spots, and even infections and other concerns. There is some speculation that cannabis and products that are help deprived might help with this, offering relief to those who suffer from them.

What Causes this

It’s still not totally understood. Some say it’s a form of OCD, others anxiety, and it right now is classified under obsessive compulsive and other related disorders in the DSM-5. But for now, they usually have the same symptoms that OCD does, and usually, they’re not under the same level.  Anxiety, stress, and other problems can play a huge role where this can be concerned, and depression usually offers underlying causes. 

How cannabis might help.

Some reasons for this is because of an endocannabinoid deficiency, which does cause chronic pain, anxiety, IBD, migraines, and other issues, which is usually a reason for lowered levels of natural cannabinoids. The theory also indicates that the conditions might be treated and improved by offering the body some cannabinoids that are plant-based, including THC and some CBD. There is a small study that found that there is a possible treatment in trichotillomania with this as well, and that’s through the use of dronabinol, which is synthetic THC that’s been used to reduce impulsiveness in the subjects who use this. Within this say, about 14 people who suffered from this was given a small dosage of this over the ensuing 12 weeks. The daily doses did vary, but they resulted in a reduction of this condition in most of the people, about 9 of the 14 women there. But regardless, this can also help with easing this, and also reducing the BFRB conditions. But in other instances, it may not be good, since it could increase the anxiety, and make it worse.  But there is a lot of evidence and some recent studies that suggest that the CBD strains that are more hemp derived oftentimes offer a lot less anxiety than the THC compounds, so it may oftentimes give more relief if that’s the focus. CBD is good to use and can be paired with CBT in order to help with any of those obsessive, anxious, and compulsive sorts of actions. The use of this can help with a variety of other conditions, and one consistent action that we see in this is that medical cannabis, whether high-quality or third-party tested, or from marijuana sourced state programs showed that there was an improvement of the anxiety that was there. Anxiety is a bit more of a casual reason for BFRB, which means that with this, we can treat this by relieving the anxiety that sits underneath there. The products in this may also help with restoring different patterns for sleeping, alleviating the chronic pain that comes along with this, and also reducing your levels of anxiety. You also may find that the cannabis and CBD products that are delivered from this quite helpful, but you should always talk to a doctor about whether this is good. Remember this may not be the panacea that you need, especially if you have anxiety and other concerns, and it should be used with other treatments and therapies.